Here you can learn what to expect as you watch Jill care for her own brows after her annual touch-up.

Disclaimer: Everyone heals differently, so these are guidelines to give you an idea of what to expect, but the healing process can vary from client to client.

Day 1 (day of appointment)

Pictured: These are microbladed hairstrokes + shading done with a machine (powder/hybrid brows). These will heal softer and shrink down a bit as part of the healing process.

Day 2 – Before Bed

Day 3 – Last Day of Peeling

During Healing Process


Day 2: What to Expect for Healing

• Tender, a bit red and still swollen
—> Watch video for how to moisturize!

Day 3: Washing Your Brows

What to expect on day 3:
• They are DARK!
• Color will soften and fade as they heal 
• Still tender a bit, especially when I frown

Day 4: Healing Brows

• Brows are still dark but definitely starting to lighten up
• Still tender but not as much
• Definitely starting to shrink down

Day 5: Healing Brows

• Brows haven’t started peeling yet
• Lightening up – I’m actually loving the color right now! 
• Still slightly tender but hardly noticeable
• Still washing and applying ointment daily

Day 6: Healing Brows

(Disclaimer: I kept saying day 5 in my video but this is really day 6)

What to expect:
• Brows are definitely ready to start peeling
• Still pretty dark but much better
• Have a “cracked” look to them
• Size went way down – not so big!
• Starting to feel itchy

Day 7: Healing Brows

What to expect:
• Peeling! Brows are darker where peeling and lighter where it has already peeled. This is totally normal.
• Itchy. Not everyone experiences itchiness with their brows, but I am.
• Size has shrunk down from first couple days and they look gorgeous!

Day 8: Healing Brows

What to expect:
• Peeling is almost 100% done!
• Soft, powdery look remains as the end result
• Still a bit itchy where they are peeling

Day 9: Healing Brows

• My peeling is done!
• My brows (and I) made it through the healing process. 

At first my brows were big and dark and I was freaking out. Even though I know the process – I do this for a living – and I STILL was freaking out a bit!