What is LI-FT?
LI-FT is a salt/saline mixture that is used to safely remove tattoos without the harmful effects of a laser. It introduces a high concentration of salt water to the dermis where the pigment is to create the process of osmosis, essentially “lifting” your unwanted ink out of the skin.


Who is it for?

3D Brows and Wellness offers complimentary removal of radiation marker tattoos for any cancer patients, not just breast cancer. Both men and women are encouraged to take advantage of this service. 

How does it work?

  • Call to schedule a free consultation with Jill
  • On the day of your consultation, bring in a letter from your oncologist or radiologist approving the removal of any radiation marker tattoos 
  • On the day of your service, the area is numbed for comfort 
  • The amount of sessions needed will be discussed during your consultation