A 3D eyebrow, also referred to as microblading, is a manual technique with a handheld tool that is used to insert pigment under the epidermis of the skin. For women and men with existing eyebrow hair, this process creates the look of real, individual hairs to make eyebrows appear thicker; while those with little to no eyebrow hair can achieve the look of having eyebrows.


For more information on healing and helpful video tips, click here.


All procedures will be broken into 3 payments.

3D eyebrows require two appointments, 2-3 months apart. Deposits are credited towards your service and are non-refundable. Jill will draw the eyebrow first for you to give final approval of the shape, size, thickness, arch and color.


3D Brows and Wellness utilizes 100% Disposable Harmony Microblades from Tina Davies.

Tina Davies Professional is a company that deeply respects the art of permanent makeup and has the best interests of artists and clients at heart.


3D Hairstroke Eyebrows or
Combination Hairstroke and Powdered Fill Look


$50 non-refundable booking fee
$300 first appointment
$150 8 week follow-up appointment

Don’t need your whole brow done; rather, a certain section? Contact 3DBW for special pricing.

*Pricing Effective for Appointments after October 1, 2018.


Color Boost


It is recommended for clients to do a “color boost” for their 3D eyebrows every 1-2 years.
$300 after 2 years since last visit
$350 after 3 years since last visit
Full price after 4 years since last visit

*Pricing Effective for Appointments after January 1, 2019.